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“The rules are, there are no rules!”

Rosie G Celebrant

Is a Celebrant-led Ceremony legal?

No, it’s not legal, which is why it comes with so much freedom. 

UK law requires births and deaths to be registered and the same goes for marriages. To do the ‘legal bit’ you will be required to give notice at your local register office, followed by a short, statutory service. Most people do this a week or so before their main ceremony, some do it afterwards and some just don’t get round to it! 

It is approximately £50 for a basic wedding service (depending on your area) and only requires two witnesses, so it can be as low key as you like. Rings don’t even have to be exchanged, you can save this part until your special day. 

All legalities are then complete and you are free to go ahead with your unique and personal ceremony, lead by a Celebrant who has spent time getting to know you and your partner.

What is the difference between a Registrar and an Independent Celebrant?

Registrars will mainly marry you in a venue ‘licensed’ for marriage and have many legalities to conform to. They are restricted in what they can and can’t say at your wedding. A limited choice of vows are offered and you probably won’t be able to create your own. Also, they are only available at certain times and their time with you is usually short, as they often have more than one wedding per day to officiate.

Independent Celebrants have no restrictions or legal obligations. We can rip up the rule book and spend time getting to know you and your ideas on how you envisage your dream ceremony! We encourage you to write your own vows, as you know then, that they are coming from your heart. Of course,you don’t have to and guidance can be given. The choice is entirely yours, as this is your unique day. Rosie G will only book one ceremony on one day, ensuring complete priority to your special event!

Does our ceremony have to be legalised?

No, not at all! A Celebrant-led ceremony is not a legal ceremony. It’s a celebration of love and life! You don’t have to complete any legal paperwork, if you purely want to show off your love without the legalities, then just go ahead!  

Is a Celebrant-led ceremony less ‘real’ or important?

Absolutely not! These ceremonies are about promoting choice for couples looking for that something extra special. There are no standard templates used by hundreds of others here! Instead, we create an event which narrates your story of true love, along with your mutual hopes and dreams, in a very real way that is important to you.

Where can we have our ceremony?

Anywhere! It does not have to be a licensed wedding venue. As long as you get permission from the venue/land owners then the choice is entirely yours. The only limitation is your imagination! 

Can we have our ceremony outdoors? 

Yes!  We encourage you to think outside of the box on this one! Think of a place that’s perfect for you and your loved ones to celebrate in your unique style. 

Does it matter what Religion, Culture or Faith I follow? 

Not at all. The content of a Celebrant-led ceremony has no restrictions. 

We can incorporate any elements or rituals that are meaningful to you.  Alternatively, your ceremony can be completely neutral, with no religious references whatsoever. 

What else can be included?

Anything goes! Hymns, modern day readings, pop songs and classical musicians. This is your day so get creative and see what you can come up with. Themed Ceremonies are becoming more and more popular. Think Game Of Thrones, Grease, Star Wars…..there are lots to choose from.

Do you offer Symbolic Ceremonies? 

Yes, these are hugely popular!

Hand-fasting, wine blending, unity candles and sand ceremonies are just some ideas for you to think about. There are plenty to explore and I will guide you.

Who can be involved in our ceremony?

That’s up to you. You can have a traditional ceremony where just the vows are read by yourselves or you can involve as many guests as you like to take part, by readings scripts, playing an instrument or singing their heart out! The more the merrier.

Can pets be part of the ceremony? 

Yes indeed! They’re part of your family and the freedom to include them on your special day is all yours.

Do you offer Celebrant-led ceremonies abroad?

Oh yes!

You can complete your legalities at a Register Office in the UK and then go abroad (without any responsibility of dealing with local legal requirements) to have your all singing, all dancing ceremony in Greece (Mama Mia style perhaps?), or any country (with any theme) of your choice! This way, you avoid any inconveniences, when you’re abroad, leaving you and your partner free to concentrate on your special day and spending time with your loved ones!  All you have to do is ask and we can discuss a whole world of options.

*This will incur extra travel and accommodation costs, to be discussed at the time of booking.

What if we are legally married in another country and want a Celebrant-led ceremony to be held in the UK?

Yes this can be done too! The planning talks can be held via Skype/FaceTime rather than face to face, if you are abroad and we don’t have to meet until just before, or even the day of the ceremony! Just because you’re not in the same country, doesn’t mean the service provided is any less!

…..and finally. Why should we choose Rosie G as our celebrant? 

Rosie will  simply encourage you to ‘go for it!’

Nothing is too much trouble to her and she is tremendous fun!  

She will acknowledge your vibe and work alongside you every step of the way, resulting in the delivery of your fabulous ceremony!

Rosie G is reliable and highly motivated to work hard and put ‘you’ first, capturing your personalities and your spirit along the way! 

The World Really is Your Oyster!